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Curious about your home's value?

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What is TrueHome?

TrueHome helps you find the true value of your home in Southern California. We want to give you the proper resources to correctly navigate the selling process!

What is an estimate?

TrueHome uses reliable sources that are based on analytics of neighborhoods and trends to create a holistic range for your property value.

How do I use it?

After receiving our estimate, you can talk to us, or your local realtor for more information. We can also give you a FREE CMA and a FREE book on how to work a seller's market!

See how TrueHome works!

This 30 second video will walk you through all the features and through the TrueHome process. Then, go ahead and register and get your free property valuation within 60 seconds!

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Preliminary Estimate

This estimate is a quick range of your home's value based on your home's information. However, in order to find a more accurate estimate, we can do a CMA for you.


The Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) is a personalized report that shows you the relative value of your home. This is based on neighborhood data, market conditions, and market trends.

Top Dollar Book

Top Dollar is our book co-published by our very own Kiri Suykry. The first FIFTY people who sign up will get a free e-book on how to get the most money for your home!

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What are you waiting for?

With all these resources at the edge of your finger tips, get started NOW. See all these amazing resources that can get you started on your path to selling for FREE!

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